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Rise of the New Stoics

Every day around noon, a white pickup truck comes barreling down my street. It’s one of those big-boy toys: jacked-up suspension, aftermarket muffler, turbo…the works. It’s the kind of truck only a single man could love (or afford). You can hear it for a good ten seconds before it passes the house, and another ten secondsContinue reading “Rise of the New Stoics”

Romance of the Real

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, and he’ll never live it down. Every child in America is assigned Walden in high school. Few students (and fewer teachers) get around to reading it. Yet everyone with an internet connection knows that its author sometimes let his mother do hisContinue reading “Romance of the Real”

Two Priests Review ‘The Reactionary Mind’

Within a day of each other, two outstanding priest-writers reviewed The Reactionary Mind.  I’m deeply grateful to my friends Fr. Michael Rennier and Fr. Dwight Longenecker for their generous and thoughtful insights.      First, here’s Fr. Rennier for Dappled Things: When I use the phrase “reactionary” applied to myself, I have in mind a rejectionContinue reading “Two Priests Review ‘The Reactionary Mind’”

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