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Internalized Anticlericalism

I’m a huge fan of The Pillar and its editors, J.D. Flynn and Ed Condon. I’ve known Messrs. Flynn and Condon since my time at the Catholic Herald and hold them in the highest possible esteem. They are, to my mind, the best reporters working the religion beat these days. That’s why I’m genuinely shockedContinue reading “Internalized Anticlericalism”

Tradition and Tolerance

Our old friends at America: The Jesuit Review have issued quite an awful article responding to the Pope’s new muto proprio. Its author, Zac Davis, is associate editor of the magazine. He attended the Latin Mass once or twice in college, which qualifies him as America‘s token trad. Mr. Davis (no relation) says that theContinue reading “Tradition and Tolerance”

A Non-Political Man

[In the latest issue of The American Conservative I have a review of a new translation of Reflections of a Non-Political Man by the German novelist Thomas Mann. The whole thing is now free to read on TAC’s website. Here are some of my favorite bits—if I may say so myself.] Men like Mann andContinue reading “A Non-Political Man”

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