Pray for Cardinal Burke

We’re all truly blessed to be alive at the same time as Raymond Cardinal Burke.  We’re fortunate to have this living saint in our midst, offering us a flesh-and-blood role model to imitate in our path to sanctity.

I’m sure you’ve heard that His Eminence is in the hospital battling COVID-19.  I’m not going to add to the din.  I’m just going to make these two little appeals:

1) According to this press release, all official updates are going to come from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Accept no substitutes. 

2) Pray for His Eminence.  Please, when you’re finished reading this post, say the Rosary.  Whatever you’re planning on doing next, it can wait ten minutes. 

May God’s saints watch over Cardinal Burke, and may his suffering bring him closer to our Lord Jesus, the Great Physician and lover of souls.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, ora pro nobis.

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