The Pint, the Pipe—or the Cross?

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What follows is a preview of last Friday’s column, “The Pint, the Pipe—or the Cross?” I hope you like it. Peace and the Good!]

Three months ago, I did something rash—something I never would have thought myself capable of.  I made a solemn promise to God that I wouldn’t smoke or drink for a year.

Anyone who knows me, or has read anything I’ve ever written, will know this is a radical departure.  I’m passionately pro-drinking and pro-smoking; I certainly don’t recommend that my readers take such drastic measures without first consulting a spiritual advisor. 

In fact, when I told a priest-friend what I’d done, he sent me an email saying: “I’m sure you have good reasons for doing this, but it strikes me as excessive, almost Manichaean or Jansenistic.  I wish you well, but I cannot think it wise.” 

Yes, it may have been unwise.  It was certainly Jansenistic, which isn’t always the thing.  But I think my reasons were quite sound.

Let me explain…

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