Culture War as Guerilla War

The Culture War as we know it is over, and we’ve lost. Now, mark my words carefully. I said the Culture War as we know it is over. The war for our country’s soul has only just begun.

What’s over now is what you might call the Napoleonic Phase of the Culture War: the two armies in smart uniforms lining up and trading grapeshot like gentlemen. That phase is over, and we’ve lost. The radical Left has finished its “long march through the institutions.” They now control every major center of power—be it political, military, economic, social, and cultural.  

The trouble is that most conservatives aren’t willing to change their tactics. We’re going through the same old motions: donating to Republican campaigns, posting articles from Fox News on Facebook, etc. I call it the share-and-spend method. We’re looking for champions like Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson to fight our battles for us. 

Don’t get me wrong, now. Trump and Tucker are great! But we need to do more. All of us.

We’re entering the second phase of the Culture War: the Guerrilla Phase. The Left has control of the institutions of power. We have the majority behind us, but their troops are much better organized and well equipped. It doesn’t matter how many troops you have: you can’t siege Fort Knox with spears and rocks.  

We can’t reverse the “long march through the institutions” using twentieth-century tactics. We need Third Millennium tactics.

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