Sold Out!

You might have noticed that, already—two days after its publication—The Reactionary Mind is out of stock everywhere you look.

Amazon doesn’t have it. doesn’t have it.  Book Depository doesn’t have it.

A friend in Australia tried to order it through Abbey’s in Sydney, the best bookshop in the Eastern Hemisphere. They canceled his order the next day. I’ll tell you, if Abbey’s can’t get copies, nobody in Australia can.

When I called Regnery (my publisher) to see what’s up, they told me The Reactionary Mind has already gone through its first printing.  It’s sold out, a runaway bestseller.  They’ve never seen anything like it.  My first royalty check is in the mail, and while it’s vulgar to talk about money, we’re already in the six-figure range.

Just kidding.  I don’t know how sales are going.  They seem to be fine.  But the reason these online retailers say TRM is sold out is because they’re not able to move product. Why? Because (A) the cost of doing business is rising every day, and (B) they don’t have enough workers to fulfill all their orders.

Of course, not all of their products are delayed. But, for some reason, a book exposing the fragility of the global supply chain and multinational corporations’ inability to satisfy consumer demands has been deprioritized.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a copy, I strongly urge you to buy directly from Regnery.  Their warehouse is stocked and there are no disruptions on their end.

If you buy a second book, you get free shipping. That’s good news for you, because Regnery has published several of the most important thinkers in American conservative tradition. Get yourself a copy of The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk, God and Man at Yale by William F. Buckley, or Uprising by Diamond and Silk.

Thanks again, folks. God bless!

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