The Granite Republic

America’s greatest newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, is conducting a reader survey asking if the Granite State should secede from the United States of America.  I’m voting yes.  Obviously. As a matter of fact, over eighty percent of respondents have also voted for independence, as of 2 p.m. Wednesday. Extraordinary. Please, if you’re notContinue reading “The Granite Republic”

The Reactionary Cure for COVID

Joel Salatin, self-declared lunatic farmer, is one of my living heroes. He and Bill Kauffmann changed the way I think about freedom in the modern world. They’re libertarians, but not porn-and-pot libertarians.  They don’t confuse liberty with license.  They’re not looking for the State’s permission to be wicked.  They strive to be good men, andContinue reading “The Reactionary Cure for COVID”

The Pint, the Pipe—or the Cross?

[Friends, another small announcement. Between my family, my day-job, and my other writing commitments, I find I don’t have time to update this blog as regularly as I’d like. So, I’m committing myself to one exclusive piece on my Substack every week, which will be delivered on Fridays. I will still post shorter pieces hereContinue reading “The Pint, the Pipe—or the Cross?”

Fall of the Liberal Empire

Over at The Spectator there’s an excellent piece by Angus Colwell reconsiders the legacy of Christopher Hitchens in light of our defeat in Afghanistan. “It hasn’t taken 20 years to work out that Christopher Hitchens was a dud,” Mr. Colwell writes, but this week’s collapse of Kabul obliges us to re-examine the Hitchens back catalogue—becauseContinue reading “Fall of the Liberal Empire”

The Tsarists of New Hampshire

Here’s a fascinating essay by Michael J. Connolly at The Imaginative Conservative: World War One shattered the old political order, its traditional monarchies and aristocracies, and the historical boundaries of nations. The explosion also ejected the population of European nations across the world in a flood of refugees, both the high born and the low.Continue reading “The Tsarists of New Hampshire”