Is Slavoj Žižek a Distributist?

Over at The Spectator World (formerly known as The Spectator USA), Slovenian Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek has a fascinating piece asking if the Communist Party of China’s “authoritarian capitalism” isn’t the apex of “market economics.” Prof. Žižek writes, We should resist here the liberal temptation to dream about how, if China had moved towards political democracy,Continue reading “Is Slavoj Žižek a Distributist?”

The ‘Co-Redemptrix’ and the Holy Foreskin

Back in March, Pope Francis re-affirmed his belief that the Blessed Virgin is not in fact “Co-Redemptrix.” The Holy Father said that Mary comes to us as a mother.  Not as a goddess.  Not as a co-redemptrix.  As a mother. It’s true that Christian piety always gives beautiful titles to her, like a son toContinue reading “The ‘Co-Redemptrix’ and the Holy Foreskin”

Further Thoughts on ‘Prodigal Trads’

In a couple of months, the good people at Regnery will bring out my first book, The Reactionary Mind.  It contains (in my humble opinion) rather a stirring defense of the Spanish Inquisition, Savonarola’s “bonfire of the vanities,” and Cardinal Bellarmine’s prosecution of Galileo.  A few months ago, I was criticized by the E.U.’s “CommissionerContinue reading “Further Thoughts on ‘Prodigal Trads’”

All News Is Fake News

My old pal Matt Purple has another fascinating piece on the coronavirus pandemic in The Spectator USA. According to Matt, our worst fears have been realized: “your conspiracy theorist friends were right”—COVID was engineered in a Wuhan lab that received funding from the U.S. government. “In fairness,” writes Mr. Purple, nothing that’s emerged over theContinue reading “All News Is Fake News”