Further Thoughts on ‘Prodigal Trads’

In a couple of months, the good people at Regnery will bring out my first book, The Reactionary Mind.  It contains (in my humble opinion) rather a stirring defense of the Spanish Inquisition, Savonarola’s “bonfire of the vanities,” and Cardinal Bellarmine’s prosecution of Galileo.  A few months ago, I was criticized by the E.U.’s “CommissionerContinue reading “Further Thoughts on ‘Prodigal Trads’”

The Meaning of Dr. Fauci

National Review has just published the best report on the COVID pandemic I’ve read in months. It’s called “The Fall of St. Anthony Fauci”; its author, the always-excellent Michael Brendan Dougherty, shows what a naked operator Dr. Fauci really is: When confronted by hostile questions about his changing statements, Fauci says—like any good scientist—that heContinue reading “The Meaning of Dr. Fauci”

Oh, the Irony!

I love Bookshop.org and would happily recommend it to anyone as an alternative to Amazon or its subsidiaries like AbeBooks. Inevitably, their politics are left-of-center. Those politics are trumpeted pretty loudly, as in this list they’re promoting called “Books About Being Queer in a Country Where It’s Illegal.” This is my favorite genre of progressivism:Continue reading “Oh, the Irony!”