Musings of a Damn Yankee

Lament For The Pickup Truck

“What are you doing?” Mr. Hall shouted from his tractor. He owns the farm next to my friend Dan’s. Dan was hoping Mr. Hall wouldn’t come by that part of the field today. Oh well. There was Dan, shoveling manure out of the back of his Ford Explorer. “I’m shoveling manure,” he replied. The oldContinue reading “Lament For The Pickup Truck”

In Praise Of Country Living

[In my latest for The American Conservative I talk about urban, progressive liberals who love the countryside… but not the country way of life. Here’s a sample.] What’s sad is that these urban progressives will never experience (much less understand) the sort of simple, rustic existence to which they feel so drawn. Groff writes, InContinue reading “In Praise Of Country Living”

The Grift Abides

I was getting pretty excited about this “National Conservatism” conference in Orlando coming up next month. Some of my favorite people are going to be speaking: Austin Ruse, Rod Dreher, Sohrab Ahmari, Daniel McCarthy, Patrick Deneen, Robert Royal, Thomas Spence, Miranda Devine, John O’Sullivan…  What a lineup.  The last of these ought to be first.Continue reading “The Grift Abides”

Thank God for Rednecks

When it comes to our civil liberties, the first line of defense is an old Marine with a Coors Light in one hand and a Remington 870 in the other. He’s got his mask pulled down over his chin and a Winston Red dangling from his lips. He has eight Trump stickers on the backContinue reading “Thank God for Rednecks”

The Granite Republic

America’s greatest newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, is conducting a reader survey asking if the Granite State should secede from the United States of America.  I’m voting yes.  Obviously. As a matter of fact, over eighty percent of respondents have also voted for independence, as of 2 p.m. Wednesday. Extraordinary. Please, if you’re notContinue reading “The Granite Republic”

The Reactionary Cure for COVID

Joel Salatin, self-declared lunatic farmer, is one of my living heroes. He and Bill Kauffmann changed the way I think about freedom in the modern world. They’re libertarians, but not porn-and-pot libertarians.  They don’t confuse liberty with license.  They’re not looking for the State’s permission to be wicked.  They strive to be good men, andContinue reading “The Reactionary Cure for COVID”

A Life Worth Living

Obituaries are a tricky thing to write, because most of us lead unexceptional lives. I hope that doesn’t sound cruel. It’s true of me, and it’s probably true of you. If I were to narrate the events of my life, they would be of no interest to anyone. A good obituary usually tells us asContinue reading “A Life Worth Living”

In Praise of the Agnostic

If you’ve ever met a real, honest-to-goodness bigot, you know it’s hard to feel anything towards him except pity. Who wants to live in a world so small and simple it can fit into such a narrow mind? We might even say that a bigot is a man who’s got nothing but opinions. They’ve crowded out allContinue reading “In Praise of the Agnostic”


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