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A Non-Political Man

[In the latest issue of The American Conservative I have a review of a new translation of Reflections of a Non-Political Man by the German novelist Thomas Mann. The whole thing is now free to read on TAC’s website. Here are some of my favorite bits—if I may say so myself.] Men like Mann andContinue reading “A Non-Political Man”

What Must We Do?

[John Henry Newman’s sermon on the Apostle Bartholomew is perhaps my all-time favorite homily. In JHN’s Parochial and Plain Sermons, it is given the title “Guilelessness.” I read it whenever I become anxious about events in Church or State. It’s about the sort of life that prepares us for true discipleship. Please do read theContinue reading “What Must We Do?”

We Are All Q Now

Here’s a very unsettling statistic, reported by Dominic Green in The Spectator: In late May, a PRRI poll found that 23 percent of Republicans “mostly or completely” believe in the following three propositions: the QAnon theory that the “government, media and financial worlds” of the US are controlled by a “group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles whoContinue reading “We Are All Q Now”

Red Nostalgia

Over at The American Conservative, my friend Helen Andrews has an absolutely fascinating, one-in-a-million piece about “Red Nostalgia” in the former Soviet Union. The Iron Curtain fell in 1991—and, according to Helen, lots of folks want it back. Much of this nostalgia can be explained by economic factors. Apparently, post-Soviet nations have seen a fallContinue reading “Red Nostalgia”

‘Savonarola’ by GKC

[Few figures in history have been so misunderstood—often quite willfully—than Girolamo Savonarola. I dedicated a chapter of my forthcoming book The Reactionary Mind to setting the record straight about his “Bonfire of the Vanities.” Still, there’s so much more that can be said about this great hero of the Faith. What follows is a shortContinue reading “‘Savonarola’ by GKC”

Resist the Doomscreen

One of my favorite blogs, The Art of Manliness, recently asked: “What’s the Right Age to Get a Kid Their First Smartphone?” They put the question to three “tech thinkers,” and got some very telling responses. (The emphasis is mine.) 1.) Larry D. Rosen, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California State: “I used to say thatContinue reading “Resist the Doomscreen”


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