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On the ‘Flirty Thirties’

Over at The American Conservative, editorial fellow Carmel Richardson—the best young journalist out there, in my opinion—has an outstanding piece called “Peak Anti-Natalism.”  If you haven’t done so, check it out. Ostensibly, it’s about the disastrous effects the COVID vaccines have on pregnant women.  She cites a new study from New Zealand, which “found theContinue reading “On the ‘Flirty Thirties’”

Welcome to the Zuckerverse

For weeks now I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about my new favorite magazine, Hearth & Field.  I strongly urge all of you to subscribe immediately.  The folks at H&F are orthodox Catholics.  It’s not a Catholic magazine per se, but it definitely reflects Catholic interests.  They’re agrarians, localists, homesteaders, homeschoolers, Luddites, andContinue reading “Welcome to the Zuckerverse”

Sold Out!

You might have noticed that, already—two days after its publication—The Reactionary Mind is out of stock everywhere you look. Amazon doesn’t have it. doesn’t have it.  Book Depository doesn’t have it. A friend in Australia tried to order it through Abbey’s in Sydney, the best bookshop in the Eastern Hemisphere. They canceled his orderContinue reading “Sold Out!”

Climbing the Charts

As of this moment—Tuesday at 2 p.m.—The Reactionary Mind is #1 in new releases for political philosophy and modern philosophy. Veteran journalists and other cynics would tell you that’s not actually a big accomplishment.  It’s easy to top those (very niche) charts on Publication Day.  Which is… uh, true.  But I’m going to enjoy itContinue reading “Climbing the Charts”

How to Be a Reactionary

[Today is Publication Day for The Reactionary Mind, so I thought I’d share my favorite part of the book, from the conclusion.  Here’s my summary of how to be a reactionary. Enjoy.] Above all, though, be happy. Live well, and go to Heaven. If you can do nothing else, do that. The reactionary is oneContinue reading “How to Be a Reactionary”

Lament For The Pickup Truck

“What are you doing?” Mr. Hall shouted from his tractor. He owns the farm next to my friend Dan’s. Dan was hoping Mr. Hall wouldn’t come by that part of the field today. Oh well. There was Dan, shoveling manure out of the back of his Ford Explorer. “I’m shoveling manure,” he replied. The oldContinue reading “Lament For The Pickup Truck”

In Praise Of Country Living

[In my latest for The American Conservative I talk about urban, progressive liberals who love the countryside… but not the country way of life. Here’s a sample.] What’s sad is that these urban progressives will never experience (much less understand) the sort of simple, rustic existence to which they feel so drawn. Groff writes, InContinue reading “In Praise Of Country Living”


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